Common Types of Car Accidents

Posted By Donlin Law || 6-Feb-2017

There are several different types of car accidents, each with their own levels of risk for either injury or fatality. If you have been injured in any of these or any other type of car accident, contact a Hamden car accident attorney as soon as possible to discuss your legal options.

Head-On Collisions

A head-on collision is by far the most dangerous of all types of accidents. This is when the front ends of two cars collide, usually while traveling in opposite directions at speed. In these accidents, the greatest exchange of force occurs, which means serious injuries and even fatalities are not uncommon.

Rear-End Collisions

These may not be as deadly as a head-on collision, but they have a very high rate of serious injuries, particularly to the head and neck. These occur when the front of one vehicle strikes the rear of another. Usually these accidents are at lower speed, so the force isn’t as great, but the whipping motion in the neck for the occupants of the struck vehicle usually causes a lot of discomfort and can even lead to a major injury in the event of a serious accident.

Side-Impact Collisions

There are two types of side-impact accidents: side-swipe accidents and T-bone collisions. In a side-swipe accident, the sides of two cars collide, usually when one merges into the other without noticing them. These don’t usually cause a serious injury, just property damage, unless the contact causes one of the vehicles to lose control. T-bone collisions on the other hand are the second-most dangerous behind head-on collisions. Cars frequently do not have the same amount of protection along their sides, and any impacts to this area has a much higher chance of injuring occupants, particularly any along the side that was impacted.

Roll-Over Accidents

These occur when a car rolls over sideways off of its four wheels. The danger level for these injuries can vary, depending on how a car flips, and if it continues to roll while sideways. These are rare in general, but occur more frequently in taller vehicles that have a high center of gravity, like SUVs, trucks, busses, and even minivans.

Single-Car Accidents

Single-car accidents are also relatively rare, and occur when a vehicle acting entirely on their own loses control and collides with a road barrier, tree, or other obstacle nearby. There are many reasons these can happen, including faulty equipment in the car, a sudden tire blowout, poor weather, bad road conditions, lack of visibility, and many more.

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