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As long-term health care costs continue to rise in CT, it is important for individuals approaching their retirement years to have a plan when it comes to their finances and care needs. Questions such as, “what will happen to my spouse if I need to go in a nursing home” and “what services and benefits are available for me to support myself in the community” are just the start of a long talk that should take place as you approach your retirement years.

The goal in estate planning is to answer these questions and develop a plan to address these issues before it becomes an emergency situation. You should be able to obtain peace of mind in knowing that your affairs, including any financial or medical decisions, will be taken care of if you reach a point where you cannot do it yourself. Also, you should know that your spouse and loved ones will be taken care of and your lifetime of hard work will be reflected in how you spend your retirement years. As the Medicare / Medicaid landscape continues to evolve, I have been active in assisting client’s transition to Title XIX with their applications. Attorney Donlin has worked diligently in pursuing these applications as a fiduciary and is able to assist families to ensure that their loved ones receive the care that they need.

Getting Started with Your Estate Plan:

  1. The first step is to understand your financial picture.
    Make a list of income, assets, expenses, and liabilities. We need to understand where you are before determining where you are going.

  2. The next step is to understand your age and your health, as well as the age and health of your spouse.
    How is your house owned? Do you have life insurance policies? Do you have long term care insurance?

  3. Finally, what are your goals in terms of your estate?
    Are you interested in providing support to another family member? Gifts to a family member? Leaving assets to family members?

These are just the start of the process of getting ready for your retirement years. Once I am able to understand these questions, I can start to develop a plan that works for you. Contact my CT law firm today to request your initial consultation.

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