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The probate process is the series of procedures that are undertaken to legally transfer possession of your assets and property in an orderly and official manner once you have passed away. All estates must undergo this process, regardless of whether or not you have written a will, though having a will can make the process much smoother for your loved ones. Planning for your eventual passing may not be the most enjoyable of tasks, but it is an essential one for the future of you and your family, as well as any assets you may wish to protect.

I am Attorney Christopher Donlin, and I understand the anxiety and stress that a legal matter can bring to a client. At my firm, Donlin Law, I take great pride in helping clients prepare and execute their estate plans. My detailed legal knowledge and commitment to client service and satisfaction help me ensure that when you entrust your estate plan to my firm, you will be thrilled the resolution to your case. I am constantly staying up to date on the ever-evolving Connecticut probate laws, and can customize your legal path to fit your exact needs and wishes.

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If you create your will or estate plan without the assistance of an attorney, even if you dedicate the best of your ability to it, chances are disputes will still arise. Beneficiaries who are unsatisfied with the contents of a will can contest it, claiming injustices. With the assistance of an attorney, however, you can minimize these disputes and ensure your plan is carried out as close to your wishes as possible.

Disputes can arise on occasions, including:

  • Interference from those who stand to gain by someone’s death
  • Duress or coercion to sign estate documents
  • Incapacity at the time of signing estate documents
  • Improper procedure when executing the documents

I can help you execute your estate plan through my detailed knowledge of probate laws, and work with your chosen fiduciary to help ensure your loved ones are cared for after you have passed away.


If you need assistance with a probate issue, don’t hesitate! Contact Donlin Law now and let me assist you!



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