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While dogs are known to be man’s best friend, many people often forget that they are still animals that have aggressive instincts. Even a small, seemingly harmless dog could cause serious injuries to an unsuspecting individual, especially a child. If you or a loved one have suffered injuries due to a dog bite, you cannot afford to go through this time without legal counsel. The sooner you retain representation from Donlin Law, the quicker I can begin working on crafting a compelling case on your behalf.

When you trust your dog bite claim to my firm, you can rest easy knowing:

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  • I am committed to being responsive and communicative
  • I offer legal solutions and counsel tailored to your specific situation
  • I have recovered more than a million dollars for past clients

As a skilled New Haven personal injury lawyer, I am more than prepared to take on your case. Please do not hesitate to give my Hamden firm a call to set up a free consultation! I look forward to advocating for your rights during this trying time.

Dog Bite Liability Laws in Connecticut

In Connecticut, there are certain statutes and liabilities that impact how dog bite claims are resolved. Understanding how these matters are tied into your case is extremely important, as it will affect how you move forward with your claim and the type of damages you can recover.

Under the statute, an owner will be considered liable for any damages and injuries if:

  • Their dog caused injury to a person or property;
  • The individual injured was not trespassing in any way; and
  • The injury victim did not tease or provoke the dog.

Essentially, so long as the attack was unprovoked and you were not on another’s property illegally, the dog owner will likely be held liable. Under this law, you could recover compensation for all injuries caused by the dog in general, such as if a dog knocked you over and caused you to break your wrist. Even though this was not a dog bite, if the attack caused the injury, it is still covered under the statute.

What is strict liability and how does it impact your case?

The law that governs dog bites and attacks is a “strict liability” law, which means that the owner can be held responsible for the injuries and damages you suffered, regardless of whether or not they knew the dog could be violent or hurt another individual. In several other states, a dog owner may avoid liability if their dog never demonstrated any aggressive tendencies. Thankfully, Connecticut enforces much stricter laws on these types of situations, allowing victims to recover compensation no matter the past history of the animal.

Keep in mind, if you or a loved one were attacked and injured by a dog, you need to file a lawsuit within two years. This means you will need to move quickly to ensure your case is resolved before the statute of limitations runs out.

Have questions about filling a dog bite claim? Fill out a free case evaluation today and I will review your incident right away. You deserve a Hamden personal injury attorney you can trust on your side!

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