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Pursuing a Personal Injury Claims in CT

Personal injury cases in Woodbridge are a broad and vital area of the law. Without personal injury cases, people would not have the opportunity to seek justice against those that are liable for their injuries and medical treatment—including insurance companies, at-fault drivers, and negligent employers. If you have been injured and you’re not sure if your case has merit, call Donlin Law in Woodbridge, CT for a free legal consultation.

Donlin Law is committed to one thing: serving our clients. While broad, our mission allows my team to be flexible and responsive to the needs of our diverse clients throughout Woodbridge and Hamden, Connecticut. What our approach always includes is my passion for communication and accessibility—when clients turn to me, they can trust that they will always the ability to speak directly to me and that I will frequently update them on their case. That's even why I answer my own calls instead of screening them through an assistant. My promise to my clients is they will never be alone when they choose to work with me. Whether navigating a slip and fall claim or bicycle accident, turn to my firm.

Call (203) 800-1697 today to share your story—we can get you the answers you need and fight for the compensation you need.

Car Accident Attorney in Woodbridge

One of the most common personal injury cases in Woodbridge we work with are car accidents. These accidents are traumatic and confusing, and far too many people forgo justice out of fear. We’ve worked with clients who have doubted their ability to secure financial support for medical treatment because they were told by insurance companies that the crash was their fault.

As a former lawyer for large insurance companies, I can say firsthand that I know how insurance companies operate. No matter what they have told you, it’s worth speaking to an experienced car accident attorney in Woodbridge with the ability to investigate your case. Donlin Law’s team can get to the bottom of your crash, examine it from every possible angle, and find out who is truly at fault.

Learn more about the factors behind your car accident—visit our page on hiring a New Haven car accident lawyer today.

Why Choose Our Woodbridge Injury Lawyer?

Before I fought for clients as a personal injury attorney, I used to represent insurance companies in the same kinds of cases. My experience as an insurance injury defense attorney is still invaluable to my clients today. Because I know how the other side operates, I can anticipate the strategies and questions your court adversary will have—maximizing your odds for a jury award or settlement.

As a result, I am proud to say that I have benefited my clients and neighbors in Woodbridge in the following ways:

  • Helping hundreds of injured clients through Woodbridge, New Haven, and more
  • Securing more than a million dollars in jury awards and settlements
  • Using a portion of every recovery to give back to the local community
  • Refusing to collect a fee unless my clients receive monetary compensation first

As a young man, I watched my family go through a stressful legal situation without the help they needed. Our lawyer was rarely available, kept us out of the loop, and didn’t provide my family with any peace of mind. From that moment on, I knew what kind of attorney I wanted to be. That’s why I’m committed to being responsive to my clients, fighting for their rights while empathizing with the pain of their situation.

If you feel that there is a chance that you are not to blame for your injury, it's time to contact Donlin Law for a free consultation.

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